Bella – Wild Girl

card tn Bella   Wild Girl
The shy innocence of 22 year old Bella really comes out in her Sweet Kisses show. Some girls seem like amateurs even after hundreds of hours of professional training and Bella is one of them. She appears so casual and relaxed, even though each move is carefully planned and perfectly in sync with your libido! — CZECH REPUBLIC, 28.1/26/31, FAIR, European
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Paula Shy – Sidewalk Cafe

card tn Paula Shy   Sidewalk Cafe
If you enjoy skinny, petite models with big boobs, you are going to love Paula Shy. Her body is toned and ripped and you can really see her muscular definition as she gets naked and starts to move. Paula weighs a mere 108 pounds, which she tells us is good, because she loves to be manhandled in bed. She is a feisty submissive but she can also be a wicked dominatrix if the mood strikes her. Paula enjoys exploring every aspect to her sexuality and she can’t wait to share her journey with you. — CZECH REPUBLIC, 35/24/35, BROWN-HAIRED, European
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Viola – Modern Warfare

card tn Viola   Modern Warfare
Viola is 20 years old and she comes to us from Latvia. Not only is Viola hot with big boobs but she loves high heels and having fun. Viola describes herself as a big flirt that loves to make people feel good about themselves. She thinks her legs are one of her best assets and she tells us that the smell of homemade apple pie baking away in the oven always makes her horny. — LATVIA, 37/25.5/36, BLOND, European
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Angela Diamond – Subtle Tease

card tn Angela Diamond   Subtle Tease
At 24 years old, Angela Diamond knows what she wants. Ask her and she will say she wants to be the most famous nude model in the world. We can tell you she is well on her way to achieving that goal. Angela is a strong willed woman that knows what she wants and knows how to get it. She will tell you up front that she has many lovers because no one man or woman can keep her satisfied. Angela loves to show off her body, and says that her big boobs always get her the attention that she craves. — CZECH REPUBLIC, 35/25.5/33, BLOND, European
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Jessie Jazz – Tangerine Sweetness

card tn Jessie Jazz   Tangerine Sweetness
Jessie Jazz is as cool, funky and spunky as her name suggests. Jessie is from the Czech Republic but loves American culture. From the music to the style, Jessie dreams of making it out to the West Coast one day. She specifically wants to make it big in LA. And with that blonde hair, big breasts and long, lean stature, she will definitely fit right in. — CZECH REPUBLIC, 33/26/34, BLOND, European
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Alexis Crystal – Street Charm

card tn Alexis Crystal   Street Charm
Alexis Crystal is 21 years old and from the Czech Republic. She tells us that she is super excited to be dancing for Virtua Girl and that she can’t wait to turn her fans on with her private dances. Alexis says she is your typical girl next door but with a big sexual appetite. She loves going to the movies, dancing, and shopping with her friends but she also loves getting naked. Alexis is a self described exhibitionist, give her your undivided attention as she gives you her sexy body. — CZECH REPUBLIC, 33/25.5/34, FAIR, European
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Ennie Paris – Night Fever

card tn Ennie Paris   Night Fever
Ennie Paris is 22 years old and from the Czech Republic. She describes herself as a horny chick that loves to have fun, especially when she has sex. Ennie loves to dress up and role play with her partners. She says the best sessions are when she is in character all day, before allowing all that pent up desire to flow through her at night during a marathon sex fest! Be sure to keep your eye on Ennie! — CZECH REPUBLIC, 33/28.1/36, BROWN-HAIRED, European
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Anna Tatu – Lavish Lust

card tn Anna Tatu   Lavish Lust
Some girls prefer long dresses, others opt for short mini-skirts, then there are sexy sweethearts like Anna Tatu who shrink their hemline so high that you can almost see everything any time she walks across the room. Did you see it? Just a glimpse? Waive for her to come closer and give you an even better look as you explore every inch of her beautiful body together! — CZECH REPUBLIC, 35/24/36, BLOND, European
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Alyssa Reece – Midnight Minx

card tn Alyssa Reece   Midnight Minx
Alyssa Reece is a newcomer to VirtuaGirl and DeskBabes and we know she’s going to make a ton of new fans here. Alyssa is just about the coolest chick you will ever meet. She grew up in Vancouver, Canada and she’s a huge sports fan that likes to hang with the guys and watch hockey. She also has a wicked horny streak in her, which is what lead her to performing on stage as an erotic dancer and entertainer. Alyssa says she likes to look into the eyes of her fans as she teases them with her body to turn them on. — CANADA, 13/9.8/14., BROWN-HAIRED, European
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